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When you think about wildlife infestations, bats are probably the last animal that comes to mind. While these flying, short-sighted mammals usually leave humans alone, there are a lot of bats that inhabit the many forests in our  area.

When it comes to wildlife infestations, the experts at Pest Free NRV have seen it all – including bats. If you think you’ve got a bat problem in the attic, chimney, eaves, or upper floors of your home or in your basement, the Bat Standards Certified technicians at Pest Free NRV know just how to handle it.

Our Bat Control Process

Wildlife Inspection

We do a thorough wildlife inspection that confirms two things: where the bats came in and how to remove them. Bats themselves are relatively harmless, but their presence in households can cause both structural damage and health problems. Once we’ve confirmed the presence of a bat infestation, we create and implement a plan to remove these pests from your property.

Bat Removal Services

Usually, bats move into your home or business because it provides a safe space for shelter. However, your home doesn’t provide the food bats need to survive, so these pests are moving in and out of the property throughout the night. When we remove bats from the property, we:

  • Install a one-way door: the bats can go out, but they can’t come back in. We’ll leave this one-way door up for two weeks. 
  • Clean up any guano and put down a virucidal chemical to clear any infectious diseases.
  • Remove insulation that the bats may have damaged and install new insulation.
  • Fog your attic, chimney, and other bat-infested spaces for bat bugs. 
  • The exclusion comes with a one year warranty. After a year, you have the option to renew the warranty to ensure that your property remains bat-free.

Schedule Your Inspection!

Bats can cause damage to your home, attic and insulation. Once they move in, they have a tendency to leave a mess of harmful guano that could put your wellness at risk. Our Pest Free NRV pros are right here to help you evict bats, clean and disinfect, and repair the damage. We are NWCOA Bat Standards Certified,  which is the uniform standard for Wildlife Control Operators (WCOs) in the performance of work related to bats and resolving conflicts between humans, bats, and structures. 

*service call charge applies to bat inspections

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • NPMA
  • Virginia PMA
  • NWCOA Bird Standards
  • Certified BWCO Basic Wildlife Control Operator
    “Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness”

    Stratton did a great job and explained everything to us prior to performing his services.”
    - D Eugenio